Europe Trip…

Hey guys! So it has been a crazy past few months around here!  I hope that you are all doing great and getting ready for this Holiday Season!! I am super excited to share a few pictures from our trip to Italy and Germany!  My brother lives in Germany and we were able to visit and spend some time with him and his lovely girlfriend for a few days and we had a great time!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

First stop on the trip was Venice and it was absolutely stunning! I still can not believe that we were actually able to visit this beautiful city!  It has always been a dream to visit Italy and it definitely did not disappoint! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I am so glad that we were able to spend time with our family and get to explore such a beautiful city!  My brother and his girlfriend planned the entire trip and it was amazing from the hotel to the food! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After Venice we took a flight back to Germany and got to visit with more family and explore other parts of Germany that we hadn’t gotten to last time!  We got to check out Nuremberg and check out the beautiful castle and get some shopping in! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI can’t wait to go through the rest of my pictures and share some of the amazing scenery and food that we got to experience!

xo Meg

Back in Action…

Hey guys!! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Holiday and a great start to the New Year!! I am finally back in action after traveling a lot over the holiday season! I have a ton of pictures to share from our trips, outfits, and some recipes that I have been loving lately!

IMG_2123 First I just wanted to share this outfit I wore when celebrating my brother-in-law over the Holiday’s.  He made a huge move and we are super proud of him and everything he has accomplished in his career so far!  So we all headed down to Philly to celebrate Dan and his big move, so here is what I wore! IMG_2116|Top is From Target| |Pants are H&M| |Shoes are Guess| |Watch is Michael Kors|
Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.50.06 AM So happy that my sisters could come with us to celebrate it is always so much fun when we all get to spend time together since we all live in different states!IMG_2121 IMG_2120I hope that you all got to spend time with your loved ones this Holiday Season!

xo Meg

Castle Hill…

For the rest of the trip we hung out around our hotel and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that Vermont had to offer!  We stayed at the Castle Hill Resort and it had the most beautiful gardens and pool area that you could just stroll through or hangout and relax.  IMG_2795 IMG_2812 IMG_2829 IMG_0215 IMG_2804How adorable is this little bench tucked away under a huge plant!
IMG_0291 IMG_2834The town itself was very small and not too much to do, but we happened to stumble upon a really beautiful golf course where we ate lunch at both days.  I would highly recommend this restaurant everything we ate was delicious, and we got to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the view!
IMG_2897 IMG_2791 IMG_2788 IMG_2792Now if only we knew how to golf it would have been perfection 😉

xo Meg

Hiking Around…

When we planned this trip we literally had no idea what was around the area or any other places to go besides the hotel that we were staying in.  The hotel looked really beautiful and they said that there were tons of things to do in the town so we figured why not just go with the flow!

When we made it to the town in Vermont we were staying in we were shocked at how there was literally nothing really around and how small the town was!  At first I thought well this should be an interesting couple of days, but we found a touristy map and just drove around and stumbled upon some really beautiful hidden gems. IMG_2781IMG_2782The very first place we landed on was Buttermilk Falls at Okemo Mountain, the town itself is mainly known for Okemo Mountain and is a ski town and I am sure it gets pretty crowded in the winter months.  There really weren’t too many people so it was really nice and relaxing which was exactly what we were looking for!  Okemo Falls was hidden off a side road and had some really beautiful falls and huge rocks.  We got some really great pictures and hung out for a little before we were able to check into the hotel.

IMG_2846IMG_2784The next day we really wanted to hike and then just relax for the rest of the afternoon so we did some googling and found Camp Plymouth State Park.  We drove over in the morning and were all set to hike the 6 mile round trip to the peak, but turns out we were not prepared at all for hiking directly up the river the entire time! The river was really beautiful and full of people literally digging for gold haha but we ended up going about 4 miles and then kayaked around the lake for a little.
IMG_2855IMG_0161IMG_2851 IMG_2839It was nice to not really have a set plan and just go with the flow and explore the beautiful scenery of Vermont.  

xo Meg

Peachy Keene…

Next up on our trip was to stop and see my sister Cait who is currently living in New Hampshire and working on her Masters.  We have been really wanting to get up and see her apartment and where she lives so we were really excited to see the town and take her out to dinner and see what New Hampshire is all about!

IMG_3112 We walked around the town which was much larger and so much busier than I ever imagined it to be and checked out some of the local spots!


She took us to her fave Mexican restaurant and of course stopped and picked up some truffles for a yummy treat after dinner.

IMG_2718IMG_0104IMG_2728IMG_0081After dinner we got to see her new apartment which is super cute (pictured above) I just loved how she was right in the middle of the town and her building has a lot of character and architectural details that you just don’t find in new construction! I am obsessed with all the ivy growing up the buildings I think that it looks so awesome!

IMG_0112IMG_2740The next morning we ate at a local diner that had the best food and the most adorable outdoor seating area with a beautiful little garden, and it’s literally steps away from her apartment.

IMG_2917IMG_0099IMG_0090So excited that we got to visit and hopefully we will get to come up during the winter and explore some more!!

xo Meg

Atlantic City…

Well it’s been a while!! May was a crazy month filled with a ton of celebrations for our friends and family!  We had tons of wedding celebrations and a graduation all happening in PA so first I will start off with our trip to Atlantic City!  My bestie Alex just tied the know so we decided to take her out for a girls night to Atlantic City New Jersey which is always fun!

I am so happy that we got the chance to all go out and celebrate her getting married!  It’s really hard when you live far from your family and friends to be there for all of these special milestones because it’s a time-consuming and expensive production to get home especially with a toddler!  Alex has been such a great friend and has been there for me whenever I needed her for the past two years and she always drops everything when I come home to spend time with us and just hang out.  Love you so much and we couldn’t be happier for you and Deanie ❤

We drove down and all got ready together which is always half of the fun!  Then we had dinner at the Continental, it is a fun restaurant that has delicious food from humus plates to deep-fried cheese steak egg rolls.  We always tend to eat here when we go to Atlantic City but it really is such a unique restaurant and the food is soo good!  Then we gambled a little and just enjoyed hanging out with each other!!


With the girls ❤
With Alex looking stunning!!
Kelsey and Paige looking gorge!
Outfit details- Dress is Forever 21, necklace which I am obsessed with is Kelsey’s from Anthropology, and the shoes are Zara which I also love and were super comfy!
High Roller obviously 😐 #not

IMG_0886 IMG_0911 IMG_0916 IMG_0933 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0950 IMG_0960We had such a great time so happy we could all get together before the big day!!

xo Meg