Hiking Around…

When we planned this trip we literally had no idea what was around the area or any other places to go besides the hotel that we were staying in.  The hotel looked really beautiful and they said that there were tons of things to do in the town so we figured why not just go with the flow!

When we made it to the town in Vermont we were staying in we were shocked at how there was literally nothing really around and how small the town was!  At first I thought well this should be an interesting couple of days, but we found a touristy map and just drove around and stumbled upon some really beautiful hidden gems. IMG_2781IMG_2782The very first place we landed on was Buttermilk Falls at Okemo Mountain, the town itself is mainly known for Okemo Mountain and is a ski town and I am sure it gets pretty crowded in the winter months.  There really weren’t too many people so it was really nice and relaxing which was exactly what we were looking for!  Okemo Falls was hidden off a side road and had some really beautiful falls and huge rocks.  We got some really great pictures and hung out for a little before we were able to check into the hotel.

IMG_2846IMG_2784The next day we really wanted to hike and then just relax for the rest of the afternoon so we did some googling and found Camp Plymouth State Park.  We drove over in the morning and were all set to hike the 6 mile round trip to the peak, but turns out we were not prepared at all for hiking directly up the river the entire time! The river was really beautiful and full of people literally digging for gold haha but we ended up going about 4 miles and then kayaked around the lake for a little.
IMG_2855IMG_0161IMG_2851 IMG_2839It was nice to not really have a set plan and just go with the flow and explore the beautiful scenery of Vermont.  

xo Meg


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