Europe Trip…

Hey guys! So it has been a crazy past few months around here!  I hope that you are all doing great and getting ready for this Holiday Season!! I am super excited to share a few pictures from our trip to Italy and Germany!  My brother lives in Germany and we were able to visit and spend some time with him and his lovely girlfriend for a few days and we had a great time!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

First stop on the trip was Venice and it was absolutely stunning! I still can not believe that we were actually able to visit this beautiful city!  It has always been a dream to visit Italy and it definitely did not disappoint! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I am so glad that we were able to spend time with our family and get to explore such a beautiful city!  My brother and his girlfriend planned the entire trip and it was amazing from the hotel to the food! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After Venice we took a flight back to Germany and got to visit with more family and explore other parts of Germany that we hadn’t gotten to last time!  We got to check out Nuremberg and check out the beautiful castle and get some shopping in! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI can’t wait to go through the rest of my pictures and share some of the amazing scenery and food that we got to experience!

xo Meg


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