Peachy Keene…

Next up on our trip was to stop and see my sister Cait who is currently living in New Hampshire and working on her Masters.  We have been really wanting to get up and see her apartment and where she lives so we were really excited to see the town and take her out to dinner and see what New Hampshire is all about!

IMG_3112 We walked around the town which was much larger and so much busier than I ever imagined it to be and checked out some of the local spots!


She took us to her fave Mexican restaurant and of course stopped and picked up some truffles for a yummy treat after dinner.

IMG_2718IMG_0104IMG_2728IMG_0081After dinner we got to see her new apartment which is super cute (pictured above) I just loved how she was right in the middle of the town and her building has a lot of character and architectural details that you just don’t find in new construction! I am obsessed with all the ivy growing up the buildings I think that it looks so awesome!

IMG_0112IMG_2740The next morning we ate at a local diner that had the best food and the most adorable outdoor seating area with a beautiful little garden, and it’s literally steps away from her apartment.

IMG_2917IMG_0099IMG_0090So excited that we got to visit and hopefully we will get to come up during the winter and explore some more!!

xo Meg


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