Castle Hill…

For the rest of the trip we hung out around our hotel and just relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that Vermont had to offer!  We stayed at the Castle Hill Resort and it had the most beautiful gardens and pool area that you could just stroll through or hangout and relax.  IMG_2795 IMG_2812 IMG_2829 IMG_0215 IMG_2804How adorable is this little bench tucked away under a huge plant!
IMG_0291 IMG_2834The town itself was very small and not too much to do, but we happened to stumble upon a really beautiful golf course where we ate lunch at both days.  I would highly recommend this restaurant everything we ate was delicious, and we got to sit outside on the patio and enjoy the view!
IMG_2897 IMG_2791 IMG_2788 IMG_2792Now if only we knew how to golf it would have been perfection 😉

xo Meg


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