Smokey Coral…

Hey guys so I just wanted to share this makeup look with you guys! I think that it is super fun for summer and it turned out completely different than the look I was going for but I really like how it turned out!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES I broke out my Urban Decay Vice shadows again and pretty much used this palette for the entire look.  I really love the colors of this palette and they blend really nicely together.  If you are interested I will post the video below and the products used! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Products Used:

Benefit Brow Zing:
Real Techniques Concealer Brush:
NYX Concealer:
Urban Decay Vice:
Urban Decay Naked 2:
Jordana Eyeliner in black
Ardell Glamour Wispies:
L’Oreal Voluminious Carbon Black:
YSL Toub/che Eclat Radiant Touch:


Mac In Sync Lip Pencil:
Revlon Matt Lip Crayon
NYX Butter Gloss:
—-> Gloss Pictured Above & Totally Obsessed!<—–YSL Lip Stain in 19:

I think this look is perfect for a date night or even a girls night with a brighter lip liked used in the video linked below!


xo Meg

Brow Necessity…

Brows… where to start, for years and years I was a compulsive tweezer.  If one hair was out-of-place I noticed it right away and my mom told me I was crazy and now looking back I totally agree with her!  It is so hard to see the whole picture when you are looking at your own brows up-close in a mirror without them filled in.  It wasn’t unit a couple of years ago that I finally let someone else shape them and it was literally an eye-opening experience!

My sister recommended her Ulta brow bar girl in Exton and I was hooked right away she did a fantastic job, and helped me grow back my brows where I had over-tweezed for years.  She finally gave them the shape that I wanted and introduced me to a new brow product that I now use all the time!


I want to share some of my favorite products that I have stumbled upon that make filling in my brows much easier.  I used to never fill them in and now I can’t imagine wearing makeup and not at least quickly filling them in.  It opens up the eyes and gives such a polished look to the face.  It totally depends on you and your style on how dark, light, large or small you want to fill them in.  If you have never tried doing your brows start with a lighter powder and see how you like it and go from there when you get the shape down that you prefer.

First off you need the right tools personally I think that the brush you use makes all the difference in the world.  I have tried a bunch of angled brushes and nothing compares to the MAC 208 it will give you the perfect precise brow every time.

The next essential would be a brow spool, technically this is the MAC 204 lash brush which I love, but you could use any brush Target has a couple great options that are less expensive and work perfectly or you could even use a disposable mascara wand.  The reason this brush is so important is to brush out the brows first and then after you apply the powder you can comb back through the brow to soften the look and take away any excess product you may have used.

I also love using a very small eyeshadow or concealer brush to clean up under the arch after I am all done pictured above is a small Tarte shadow brush but I also love the Real Techniques small concealer brush.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.13.32 PM

Now for the actual product, I love the Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit, this comes with a powder and colored wax that you dip into a little of each and then apply with the angled brush to your brow.  The Kit comes with little tweezers and two very small brushes that personally I think are unnecessary hence how I lost them!  They will work in a pinch or if you are traveling its good to hold onto them!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.08.02 PM

Then to finish it all off I love using a tiny bit of concealer underneath the brow bone to clean up any mistakes and highlight without using a shimmery shadow.  I prefer MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW20 but any concealer would work!  Then the last step is to use a skin colored eyeshadow and my faves are both by MAC, Naked Lunch and Brule.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.39.10 PM

Moving all over the place I always struggle with finding people who I trust to do my hair or brows.  I went to a brow bar here in NC and she waxed off half of my brow I had spent over a year growing back!  No this isn’t the end of the world, irritating yes, but luckily its growing back.  If you find someone who is amazing recommend them to your friends and family and stick with them if you like the results, if not keep it moving and don’t go back!


To see how I did this gold smokey-eye check the link below!

xo Meg

Winter essentials…

Tis the season for holiday makeup! These are some of my favorite go-to products especially for the colder winter months.  How gorgeous is this issue of Harper’s Bazaar?! I seriously couldn’t get over it when it came in the mail Kate Hudson looks stunning and its so festive for December!  Most of my beauty products I cycle through year round and get stuck using certain products because its easy or I forget to look and see what else I have.  For me I like a moisturizing foundation because I get much dryer in the winter, and I love a good dark nail polish for the colder months.  It’s so important especially in the winter to keep your skin hydrated, not only will it look and feel better, but it will help your makeup go on much smoother and prevent that dry skin flakey look!

Something else that I think is great to have would be a self tanner that works well with your skin tone.  Personally I love the St. Tropez because you can use a little or really build it up.  In the winter its nice to put a thin layer on so that I don’t look like Casper’s twin sister.  Just remember that less is more in the winter with sunless tanners, I always want to keep layering it on but I have to restrain myself so that I don’t look like tan mom next to my family!

One of my favorite fragrances would have to be Versace Crystal Nior, if you have never smelled this you have to!  It is like no other fragrance I have ever tried, most give me a headache but this is so beautiful.  It’s absolutely perfect for winter because it’s a little darker but just smells so good and you only need a tiny spray to last you all day long.

YSL matt pressed powder is great for the winter
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation
Lately I have been really into gold, these are some of my fave pieces, watch is Guess from my hubby for our anniversary, and the bangle which im obsessed with is House of Harlow from my sisters for my b-day.  I love a statement necklace with a simple sweater, this one is J.Crew from my bestie Alex!
These are some of my must-haves year round, a good dry shampoo, root booster, sunless tanner, spot treatment, a hair doughnut for the perfect huge bun, base and top coats, and a good under eye cream from origins!

There is nothing better than curling up with a good magazine and a cup of tea on a chilly day!

xo Meg

My go to skin care products…

I think that skin care is a very important part of a beauty routine that everyone should try and incorporate everyday.  I have to admit that I go through phases where I use all of my products everyday and then there will be a couple weeks that go by and life happens and I forget about everything.  The last month has been one of those months where I haven’t been on top of my skin and it really started to show, I was breaking out and I felt like my skin just looked gross.  It is super hot where I live so the last thing I wanted to do was slather lotion on just to sweat it all off!

This past week and a half I have finally started to get it together again and use my skincare products.  Even if it’s just at night I find that they make a huge difference to the texture of my skin and how my makeup applies when I wear it.  The first step would be to cleanse, I usually always use my Clarisonic Mia which I am head over heels in love with! My husband surprised me with it for Christmas two years ago and it is one of the best gifts he has ever given me because I use it all the time!  I will do a separate post on all the many reasons why I think everyone should own a Clarisonic.  With this I use the Checks and Balances frothy face wash from Origins.  My mom and I discovered this about a year ago when I was pregnant and looking for more natural skincare alternatives.  We sat down a our local Macy’s counter and fell in love with everything hence why most of my products are all Origins.  These products I have been using for the past two years and have repurchased many times.  Never being satisfied with products and just my curiosity to try new beauty items, this brand has really impressed me.

After cleansing I use the toner which I do find makes a big difference in how my moisturizer sinks into my skin.  The one that I am currently using doesn’t burn or irritate my skin at all which I love.  The skin balancing tonic I love and is great for combination skin.  Right now I am using the Starting Over moisturizer at night and the Perfect World with spf in the daytime (not pictured).  One of my all time fave products I have discovered is the GinZing eye cream.  This is great for during the day or under makeup because it has caffeine and will help de-puff and help the under-eye appear brighter which I definitely agree with!

If I am feeling really lazy or have a lot of makeup on I love to use a makeup removing wipe to get most of the makeup off before I actually cleanse my skin.  I have found after trying a lot of different brands that the Kirkland Costco brand works great.  It takes everything off and I usually only need one wipe.  I hate when you have to use two or three just to get all of the residue off!  These are great and you get so many in a box.

Fresh’s sugar lip treatment is awesome, I love this lip product so much! It is on the pricey side especially for a chap-stick, but I find that it actually moisturizes and leaves my lips feeling soft and not greasy and it has a great lemony fresh scent that I really like.  So if you are in the mood to splurge or have very dry lips I highly recommend this product!

IMG_1952 IMG_1948



As always thanks for reading!

xo Meg

Wedding Season…

Summer this year has been the season for weddings for our friends and family!  The last two weekends my husband and I have had two weddings to attend in two different states! I always love attending weddings, it is so fun to see the venue, decor, and see what everyone is wearing!  I love a good excuse to dress up, especially since I stay home with my daughter I don’t really have a good reason to wear my heels and do my makeup every single day.

The first was a wedding in Maryland and my husband was a groomsman for one of his college friends.  The wedding was beautiful and the venue was on a golf course which had beautiful views of a lake with a fountain right in the middle! The guys all wore their uniforms and they looked great!

IMG_4778IMG_4781 IMG_4804 IMG_4793

The second wedding we attended was in Philadelphia in a beautiful Cathedral right in the heart of downtown! We had such a great time and it was so great to see some of Erics old friends and neighbors!

IMG_4865 IMG_4883 IMG_4888 IMG_4890 IMG_4891 IMG_4896 IMG_4897 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1885 IMG_1887

I think it is so fun to pick dresses and spend the extra time to do your hair and makeup when you are a guest for a wedding, especially when you have a babysitter! The brides and grooms are spending so much time and money to put on such a huge event in their lives and I think that it is only appropriate to put some effort in and look nice when you go to someones wedding.  It always boggles my mind when I see people who don’t really dress up!  You don’t have to spend a lot of money either so many different stores have options that you can dress up or wear the same dress multiple times but switch up the jewelry.  If you have a lot of weddings to go to it can also be a daunting task to find something different for each event.  If I don’t have something to wear I always ask one of my sisters or a friend if they have something that I can borrow for the evening.  That’s what I did for the first wedding, I wore a dress that my sister had and only wore once to a different event.  I dressed it up with a necklace and a pair of my favorite shoes and I was good to go.  The second outfit was a new dress, but it is a classic black dress with a unique neckline that I will be able to wear over and over again, all i will have to do is switch up my hair and jewelry and it will give a completely different look to the outfit.  My advice would be to invest in great shoes and a couple of basic pieces that will match with many different outfits and you will save yourself money in the long run.  Checking places like Target and TJMaxx is a great way to find trendier pieces without paying the expensive department store prices and you wont feel bad only getting a couple uses out of the item!

Congrats to the happy couples we had such a great time!

xo Meg