St. Tropez…

No not the St. Tropez you might be thinking where the sun is warm and there is sand between your toes, sounds amazing I know.  Then you realize… wait its winter and I am sitting here freezing cold and pale as a ghost (or at least I am)!  I am talking about the St. Tropez self tanning mouse that I am obsessed with, especially in the winter time!


For a while in High School and College I was tanning in tanning beds which we all now know are horrible for your skin and can lead to sun damage and skin cancer.  My dad is continuously having to go to the dermatologist to have pre-cancerous spots checked and I have already had one removed myself.  It’s just not worth risking your health for that perfect tan you can achieve from the actual sun.  So wear your sunscreen and fake it instead!

This is a product that I have been using for a couple of years now after a string of bad breakups and experiences with other brands.  I won’t mention the “gradual” tanners I have tried that literally left me looking like I should have been a cast member for the Wizard of Oz.  I have very fair and freckly skin so I a lot of self tanners just looked horrible and un-natural on me.  They make an entire range of products from body polishes to moisturizers to help extend the life of your tan.  Personally I just make sure to shave and moisturize the next few days and it has worked perfectly!

I definitely recommend purchasing the tanning mitt that is sold separately which is genius because it protects your hand and the texture of the mitt helps the mouse glide on perfectly with no harsh lines or streaks.  I usually use about 2-3 pumps for each leg and about 2 for my arm and chest.  I now purchase the large bottle and it will last me for months!  The formula is great and I feel like it naturally fades away and I have never had it peel and get patchy like my tan from the spray machine at the salon which was a complete and total disaster!


I like to use this once a week just to not look invisible in the winter months, but if you have an event or something special coming up I highly recommend finding a tanning technician who will use a spray gun to personalize a tan for you.  I have had this done a few times and they are fabulous deff a little more money but they look great and you can customize the color and even have them contour your body to make you look slimmer!

I feel like self-tanning has gotten a bad rap from people like tan mom and toddlers and tiaras, but there are great products out there that will give you a little color without making you look insane!  This product is buildable so you can determine how dark you want to be and when you apply the product it has a guide that will wash off after you let it soak in over night so that you know exactly where you have tanned.


I also for the first time picked up the formula for the face and so far am loving it!  This is a formula that the company says also has skin care benefits along with their signature self tan formula.  The formula is a light weight lotion that is brown and goes on very smoothly with the little face mitt that is also sold separately.  So far it hasn’t irritated my skin caused any additional breakouts which is great!

*If you want to check out more of my thoughts about this product and other beauty products I have been trying this month check out the link below 🙂

xo Meg

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