Top it Off…

So hopefully we are done with the snow for a little while even though I love winter accessories like hats, boots, and scarves but I am ready for summer!  I love this hat because it brings back such good memories of when I got it.  Eric bought me this hat from a store in Washington called Goorin Bros Hat Shop when he got back from his deployment to Afghanistan.  It was such a fun day that we got to spend with our family walking around Seattle and just enjoying family time together!


According to their website the brand began in 1895 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania and they have been making hats ever since!  I love when a company has such a unique history like this one does and still upholds the traditions and values that the company was started on.  Their hats are made in the USA by true craftsman they are beautiful and fit perfectly!


I love how it came with this fab hat box which protects the shape of the hat and helps keep it dust free, all while looking adorable in my closet!Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.41.07 AM

The sales associates were so nice and it was not just running into the store and picking a hat like you can do in pretty much any store it was more of an experience.  My whole family was there including my dad, sister, and brother in-law and we were all trying on different hats for quite a while until we all found the perfect style.  There were so many different kinds of hats to fit any style or personality.  I am obsessed with the hat my sister purchased in the most beautiful maroon color with the most amazing unique shape, such a “Carrie” moment!  

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 2.55.39 PMIMG_5437 I love this scarf and glove set that I got for a gift two Christmas’s ago from my grandparents.  They are Banana Republic and they have held up great over the past few years!Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.46.03 AM

The cream jacket is literally a million years old I think I have had it since college and it’s from the Gap.  I still love the color and the collar but I would like to change the buttons out for next winter.

IMG_5443I love this look paired with a cream coat I don’t get to wear it much now that it’s pretty warm where we live but I think it’s classic and I will have it forever!  They have hats for both winter and summer so I suggest checking out their store if you live near one or head over to their website!

xo Meg


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