Set the Table…

I love having our friends and family over for dinner but since we live so far from most of them it’s rare that we get to have them over.  This past weekend was so fun getting to spend time with my mom and our friend Chris, my brother-in law Dan and his girlfriend Lenora!  One of my favorite parts of a dinner gathering is setting the table as a kid I used to dread setting the table for some reason but now I love it!  For me everything seems to come together better at the last second without putting too much thought into it.  We had an impromptu dinner and I just pulled things from other parts of the house like the flowers and table runner.  I think that it turned out really bright and airy feeling!

I am obsessed with fresh flowers in the house especially in the winter I think it feels so bright and cheerful.  I am not sure what the exact name of these flowers are but they literally last forever and they were pretty inexpensive for about $7.00 a bunch.  I think that roses are pretty and everything but for the price I would rather have something that cost less and will last a lot longer.  IMG_5552 IMG_5560 IMG_5556 IMG_5561 IMG_5564 IMG_5543All of our furniture in the dining room is Ikea and the accessories are all mostly from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls.  I love these tealish blue plates that I found at Target combined with silver chargers also from target.  All of the mercury glass I have randomly picked up and I think they transition from holiday decor to everyday perfectly!

We had such a fun weekend after that horrible snow storm hanging out with friends and family, doing hot yoga, and just relaxing!

xo Meg


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