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So I think at this point I have to admit I am completely obsessed with stationery and anything that glitters!  I have suffered from this obsession since I was first able to shop for my own school supplies thanks to my grandparents who always took my sisters and I out on a fun little shopping date that I would look forward too all summer.  IMG_2366The folders the pens, and binders the possibilities were limitless and my Poppy Joe was always amused and somehow shocked at all of the “necessities” that I needed for my upcoming third grade year! Luckily they never minded and I always got straight A’s which I attributed to my color coordinated stationary 🙂  IMG_2376 Ever since I was little I loved magazines and paper in general and have always found a way to keep buying these things over the course of my life.  From watercolor classes in college to now scheduling our family activities which clearly wouldn’t get done unless accompanied by a matching sticker! 😉IMG_2380 Anyway on to the point of this post, I have been asked how I store some of my craft supplies and I wanted to share some of my fave finds from the past few months!

I have found a bunch of stickers at my local Hobby Lobby and I just lucked out when they were all 50% off the brand is called “The Paper Studio” and they have tons of stickers that would be perfect for a calendars or scrapbooks.  Also another one of my various hobbies that I have been meaning to get around to!

IMG_2387Even though Valentine’s Day is over I still think that these adorable love themed stickers can be used throughout the year for Anniversaries or even Birthdays so check out the clearance sections!
IMG_2357 I have recently accumulated a bunch of these cute wash tapes that I find myself reaching for now that I have them neatly stored in a three-tiered metal rack that I actually found at Wal-Mart in the bath section.  I just spray painted it gold and it works perfectly for post-its and other office related goodies! IMG_2361If you want to see more goodies I have found check out some of my haul videos below! Happy stickering!

xo Meg


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