Ok you guys I really wanted to share my thoughts with you about these tote bags because I am seriously in love with them!  I always remember seeing these odd little bags hanging in random stores like Nordstrom, Bloomys, and even at the airport.  I never knew the convince and practicality of these little gems until my sister had one!  Then I obviously copied her and put the Large Le Pliage Tote on my Christmas list a few years back and have loved it ever since!
IMG_6328I have had the olive greenish color for about three years now and have used it as a diaper bag, carry on, gym bag, and everyday purse.  This bag is perfection if you have an older baby, you are in school, or you carry a lot to work, or if you travel! So I think that pretty much covers everyone!
IMG_6321 They are super convenient because they fold up super slim and can be easily packed away in a suitcase while traveling which is what I did when my husband and I traveled to Costa Rica a few months ago.  This bag came in handy a million times from using it as a carry on, shopping in markets, and going to the beach I am so happy I brought it!

IMG_6320 On the same trip we somehow accumulated a ton of extra things/ended up throwing everything in a huge ball so we couldn’t fit it all into our suitcase and this travel tote would have been a lifesaver.  My sisters both had this expandable version and I wished I had it especially on the way back.IMG_6330 The amazing part of this travel tote is that it folds up super small but then expands to a huge bag that can easily be carried with the shoulder strap.  What I would have given for this on the way home instead of 3 backpacks and a 70lb suitcase!  Note to self:pack less next time 😉IMG_6329So after Christmas I had a reward card to Bloomingdale’s because I am a loyalist which is totally free and doesn’t require you to link a debit or open a credit card so I hight recommend signing up if you frequent shopping there and you can even use it online.  We purchased a lot of our families gifts online for Christmas and then I had $50 off any purchase pretty much just like a gift card.  Then my mom gave me a $50 off a $200 or more purchase so this is the only reason I finally purchased one at $100 off!  I was so happy and have used it a ton since purchasing it!
IMG_6336 They are pretty pricey so for a while I was skeptical about them when you can easily shop at Target or pretty much anywhere to find a tote bag, but after having and using this constantly I am really happy with the quality and how convenient these bags really are!IMG_6324 The travel tote unzipped is the perfect size for an overnight trip and can easily fit everything you need for 1-2 nights.  This would also I think work really nicely for a carry on bag when flying.  Obviously check the dimensions before boarding but I think it is really similar to my suitcase I normally use. Totally expanded you can fit a ton of clothes and shoes!  This bag would have been amazing when I was in college and I know that my sisters got a ton of use out of it traveling back and forth from school to home!

IMG_6337I just wanted to share my experience with these bags, if you are in the market for a new tote I would highly recommend these.  I think with the quality, convenience, and color choices you can’t go wrong!

Check out my video for more info!

xo Meg


One thought on “Longchamp…

  1. My Longchamp tote has gotten me through university and it’s still going strong! They’re the best bags, both durable and stylish, I absolutely love them.
    Molly x

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