Brow Necessity…

Brows… where to start, for years and years I was a compulsive tweezer.  If one hair was out-of-place I noticed it right away and my mom told me I was crazy and now looking back I totally agree with her!  It is so hard to see the whole picture when you are looking at your own brows up-close in a mirror without them filled in.  It wasn’t unit a couple of years ago that I finally let someone else shape them and it was literally an eye-opening experience!

My sister recommended her Ulta brow bar girl in Exton and I was hooked right away she did a fantastic job, and helped me grow back my brows where I had over-tweezed for years.  She finally gave them the shape that I wanted and introduced me to a new brow product that I now use all the time!


I want to share some of my favorite products that I have stumbled upon that make filling in my brows much easier.  I used to never fill them in and now I can’t imagine wearing makeup and not at least quickly filling them in.  It opens up the eyes and gives such a polished look to the face.  It totally depends on you and your style on how dark, light, large or small you want to fill them in.  If you have never tried doing your brows start with a lighter powder and see how you like it and go from there when you get the shape down that you prefer.

First off you need the right tools personally I think that the brush you use makes all the difference in the world.  I have tried a bunch of angled brushes and nothing compares to the MAC 208 it will give you the perfect precise brow every time.

The next essential would be a brow spool, technically this is the MAC 204 lash brush which I love, but you could use any brush Target has a couple great options that are less expensive and work perfectly or you could even use a disposable mascara wand.  The reason this brush is so important is to brush out the brows first and then after you apply the powder you can comb back through the brow to soften the look and take away any excess product you may have used.

I also love using a very small eyeshadow or concealer brush to clean up under the arch after I am all done pictured above is a small Tarte shadow brush but I also love the Real Techniques small concealer brush.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.13.32 PM

Now for the actual product, I love the Benefit Brow Zings Shaping Kit, this comes with a powder and colored wax that you dip into a little of each and then apply with the angled brush to your brow.  The Kit comes with little tweezers and two very small brushes that personally I think are unnecessary hence how I lost them!  They will work in a pinch or if you are traveling its good to hold onto them!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.08.02 PM

Then to finish it all off I love using a tiny bit of concealer underneath the brow bone to clean up any mistakes and highlight without using a shimmery shadow.  I prefer MAC Studio Fix concealer in NW20 but any concealer would work!  Then the last step is to use a skin colored eyeshadow and my faves are both by MAC, Naked Lunch and Brule.

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.39.10 PM

Moving all over the place I always struggle with finding people who I trust to do my hair or brows.  I went to a brow bar here in NC and she waxed off half of my brow I had spent over a year growing back!  No this isn’t the end of the world, irritating yes, but luckily its growing back.  If you find someone who is amazing recommend them to your friends and family and stick with them if you like the results, if not keep it moving and don’t go back!


To see how I did this gold smokey-eye check the link below!

xo Meg


4 thoughts on “Brow Necessity…

    1. Hey Caitlin! Thanks so much for reading!! The girl who my sister and I always go to is Deanne (not sure about the spelling lol!) She is at the Benefit brow bar at the Ulta in Exton and is super nice and does a great job!!

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