Work it Out…

The main way I stay active with my toddler is to incorporate her into my workouts, wether you have twenty minutes or an hour there are great ways to workout and be with your baby at the same time.


The number one thing that we like to do is go to our local state parks, they are beautiful, free, and offer challenging trails to walk or run on.  The great thing about going to a park is that you get a great hike or run in but your baby has so many different things to look at while getting some fresh air and enjoying nature.  After I am done running then it’s time to get the babe out of the stroller and let her run around and get her exercise in too!  She loves walking and running all over pointing out the trees, the ducks, and looking at all of the puppies that are there.  If you have the time, I find this to be one of my favorite things to do with my daughter.  We always pack plenty of snacks, water, and lunch so that she doesn’t get cranky and enjoy the nice weather!


If you don’t have time to get to a park then just head outside your front door, every night that it’s nice we try to do a family walk even if it’s only for fifteen minutes just to get out and spend quality time together.

Other types of exercise that I combine with my cardio are super simple basics like squats, lunges, and step-ups that you can do with just a bench or step.  These are great for toning and if you add your toddler in with the squats you will torch even more calories.  Start by holding your baby with both hands, squat down and tell them to jump and lift them all the way over your head.  Trust me do 3 sets of 10 and your arms will be on fire the bigger they grow the more intense your workout 🙂

IMG_5946 IMG_5941 IMG_6033 IMG_6037 IMG_5982 IMG_6014 IMG_6027

We are seriously in LOVE with our Bob Revolution stroller I don’t know what we would do without this!! It was the best baby gift we ever received, (thanks mom and dad!) if you ever plan to run or walk outside it is the only stroller you will need.  It can take your baby from newborn (with a carseat attachment) up until they weigh 70lbs!  The stroller itself weighs 25lbs and then the weight of your baby so its definitely an adjustment compared to running by yourself.  Now after about a year and a half it’s become second nature to me and it just adds to my workout!  This stroller has been everywhere with us and I have ran on many different surfaces like roads, sidewalks, and trails, we even take it to the beach and its amazing!


Some of my fave workout gear would be any type of black crops these are fun with the zebra detail and I purchased them from Old Navy.  I am obsessed with these Oakley Holbrook Polarized sunglasses which I purchased for my husband but he prefers his other pair so I kindly borrow them to workout in!  They are great because they are polarized and they actually stay on great while running!  I love Nike for tops, sweatshirts, and track jackets!

xo Meg


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