Straighten It Out…

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Happy Thursday everyone! I recently shared a review about this straightener on my YouTube channel and I wanted to blog about it as well.  I honestly have been loving this particular straightener from Irresistible Me for a few months now.  I love being able to try new products and styling tools from different companies, but this one really stood out above the rest and has become my go-to straightener.  I raved about my old one from Sally’s Beauty, but that quickly got put in the donate pile after trying the Diamond Straightener.  I love hot quickly it heats up and how convenient it is to travel with.

I would definitely recommend giving this straightener a try if you need a styling tool with the capacity to heat up to 450F.  I know a lot of people don’t like using such a high heat on their hair, and keep in mind the more coloring and bleaching you do the heat will add to the damage.  What I love is that with my naturally wavy hair I can style it once and literally leave it for days until I need to wash it again without any of the curl coming back.

If you want to check out more or see the product in action feel free to subscribe and check out my video review listed below!  Thanks for reading and have the best day ❤

xx Meg

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