#OOTD Overload…

Hey guys!! Just wanted to share some of my fave outfits and most worn pieces from the past few months!  Sometimes I take pictures of what I am wearing and then completely forget to post them on Insta.  I wanted to round them all up and have them in one post just to see what I have been wearing and give me a little motivation to start wearing different pieces from my closet.

One I figure out I love something then I am obsessed with it and either buy it in a million colors or wear it all the time.  So I am going to try and challenge myself to start digging in my closet and switch it up a little!IMG_2293IMG_4342
IMG_4327 IMG_4302 IMG_4273 IMG_4151 IMG_4243 IMG_4066 IMG_4053IMG_2329IMG_3933 IMG_3904 IMG_4746 IMG_4712 IMG_4529 IMG_4489 IMG_4422 IMG_5533 IMG_2050 IMG_5987 IMG_5961 IMG_5931 IMG_5783 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6247 IMG_6176 IMG_2116xo Meg


6 thoughts on “#OOTD Overload…

  1. Hi Meg…..Love all your outfits….. some inspiration is always good for us mums! I am a Mum of 3 & love love love Fashion but it has to be quick easy & stylish to suit. I usually go for smart casual style & find Pinterest brilliant for ideas….if I get time to look!! 🙂

  2. My sister and I just found your blog/youtube and we’re hooked. You have such great style and always look so put together. Do you have a video or post on your hair style? That is the cut I wanted but did not end up with! Did you just ask for a long bob? is it angled in the back?

    1. Thank you guys so much!!! So happy you guys are liking my channel!! I do actually have a few videos on my cut and color I actually do it myself but just to warn you I’m not a hairdresser or anything lol so I just kind of wing it but have been happy with it so far! This video is the first time I cut my hair short but there are a few other ones on my channel too! It isn’t super angled in the back because I do like to get it in a ponytail. I would say its about an inch shorter than the front pieces. Thanks so much for watching! https://youtu.be/dxwvv3dctww

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