Fall Things…

So it’s no surprise that I love fall and I think many of you can agree!  The weather is perfect still somewhat warm during the day and cooler at night!  I also love all of the festive holidays that are coming up especially Halloween!  I think that it’s so much fun to decorate and get ready for fall so I just wanted to share how we decorate our front porch and some other little tidbits from around our house for fall!

IMG_3445I absolutely love flowers, it doesn’t matter what they are I think they are all beautiful and I love having them all around our house!  The great thing about mums are not only do they provide a great pop of color, but they come back every year which will save you money if you plant them in your gardens!

IMG_0879 IMG_3435 I am in love with these silver lanterns that I scored on sale at Target for $10.00 each!! I have been searching everywhere for these for at least a year now and was so happy to score them on sale! Pieces like this are great because they are so versatile and can be used year round inside, or outside!IMG_3418 IMG_3433The pumpkins are from our local farm stand all hand-picked by the babe!
IMG_0882 IMG_3439 IMG_3442 IMG_3454 IMG_3368 IMG_3396Something else that I love to do is save all of the holiday cards we receive and actually put them into picture frames.  You get to utilize frames you already have around your house and put to use those adorable cards that can be pretty pricey and are way too pretty to throw away!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek around our house for fall and I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!!

xo Meg


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