Easy Valentines Day Crafts…

So we had a snow day shockingly a couple of days ago so that meant we couldn’t play outside or take the baby to the park so that left us with coloring and crafts! The baby loves to draw and paint so being snowed in gave us the perfect opportunity to get all of her Valentines Day cards made and even some little decorations for around the house!

IMG_5126I had bought a pack of stickers for her cards and didn’t end up using them so I decided to use them on some of our glass wear that we had laying around the house and I think that they turned out pretty cute.  This year I have been loving neutrals and couldn’t really find any cute Valentines Day decor in the stores so this was a perfect solution.  For literally under $5.00 you could easily use these scrapbooking stickers to temporarily decorate a vase or candle holder.  Check out some of my favorite looks here on my Valentines Day Board.

Please excuse the Netflix 🙂

IMG_5129I had seen many different variations of Valentines Day banners on Pinterest but just ended up using left over paper from the baby’s cards and simply printed out letters on the computer.  You could get really in depth with a project like this but I tend to get impatient and want to start hanging things up right away!
IMG_5131 I really like how this little canvas turned out with the baby’s handprint.  I had come across one that we did when she was only a month old and it is so crazy how much she has grown and how fast time is flying by!  These types of crafts make perfect gifts for any of your loved ones and it is so fun to look back when they are older to see how much they have grown.  The canvas was $4.99 and I had the paint already at home so that was an easy one!IMG_5142The next craft was also pretty easy and very inexpensive, I was searching on Pinterest for cute ideas and came across a pin for a “free printable”.  I love finding these because you can take a simple picture frame and turn it into a seasonal decoration by just using a simple piece of paper.  Some of these blogs have amazing graphics and awesome ideas on decorating and party ideas.  I found this particular printout first from this pin and on the Pear Salad Blog.  To take a look at the post about the Valentines Day Free Printable check out this link!
IMG_5144 I loved the colors and patterns on these particular printouts and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but printed them out anyway.  After I cut them all out I thought that they would look cute in the dining room.  These would be perfect for a February birthday or Valentines Day party!  IMG_5147I just cut them out and then used craft scissors to mount them on top of the string so that I could hang them.  You could also just use a hole punch and skip the mounting.  I would however recommend using a glue stick because this liquid glue was not the best for paper!
IMG_5153 IMG_5225I think that Valentines Day is fun but not a holiday that I would go out and spend a fortune on trying to decorate for, so these are great options if you want to add some love to your house without breaking the bank!

xo Meg


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