12ks of Christmas…

This past weekend we got to run a 12k with our friends down here in NC.  The weather has been so nice the past couple of weeks and even got up to 70 degrees on Friday!  Of course Saturday the day of our race the temp plummeted and started raining! Overall the race was pretty low-key compared to the Philly Half, but it was a lot of fun besides the constant drizzling of rain!  The course was about 7.5 miles long and surprisingly pretty hilly.  I didn’t mind the hills because it was a shorter race and it was fun to run around a new area.

I am happy that we signed up for the race because it gave me motivation to keep running through the cooler weather and pushed me to run a longer distance now that the half is over.  It was really cool to have my mom at the finish line cheering us on with the babe, and it was nice to not have to push the stroller up those hills!

After the race we picked up lunch and headed home to warm up and take a much-needed nap!  I can’t believe how tired we all were after this! Literally all four of us passed out on the couch!  Later that night we headed over to Brittany and Steve’s house (pictured below) for a pizza party!  They have an awesome wood burning pizza oven in their back yard and they made delish homemade pizzas and of course some wine!  We had so much fun for such a gloomy weekend!

Eric and I at the finish line
With our workout buddies Brittany and Steve! (in the middle)


xo Meg


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