What’s in the Box…

Recently my husband and I were shopping with friends in our cute little town and we saw a flyer for a farm co-op.  I have been interested in trying something like this for a while now but never have heard of a local place to get fruits and veggies.  This was so easy and everything is done online, we just went to the website and signed up and its only like $20 bucks a week.  Every week for the growing season you can pick up a box full of fresh fruits and veggies that are locally grown and picked within a day or two of the box being packed.  I love that we are supporting local farmers and it is a surprise every week when we get our box to see what was ripe that week.

Most of our cooking has revolved around the fresh fruits and veggies that we have been getting in our box.  I think that this is such an amazing way to get involved in your community and support local growers.  I think that the produce tastes amazing and I love knowing that it was freshly picked and didn’t have to sit on a truck and then in the grocery store for who knows how long.  Another great advantage to subscribing to something like this is being able to try new veggies that I would have never bought in the grocery store.  One of my faves has been the butternut squash, I don’t think that this is that crazy of a veggie but I have never had it before and I am obsessed with it!


IMG_3289 IMG_3294 IMG_3298IMG_3305

You should deff check out your local growers and farmers markets I am so happy that we found out about it in our area!

xo Meg


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