Mango Smoothie…

So we were outside a lot this weekend and it is so hot where we live and my husband and I were craving a cool treat.  I really wanted a mango smoothie that you would get from a smoothie place but there is no where like that around where we live so we decided to make one ourselves.

This seriously turned out so good I could drink it everyday!  If you love mango’s you will deff love this smoothie!  If not you could easily switch out the ingredients to another flavor like blueberry, orange, or even mixed berries.

Mango Smoothie

1c Frozen Mango chunks

1/2c Frozen Strawberries

2oz Naked Mighty Mango

1 Lime (juice only)

1/4c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

3-4 Ice Cubes (vary depending on how thick a smoothie you prefer)

Total Calories– 141

I have started tracking everything that I am eating again using the My Fitness Pal App so I wanted something that was pretty low in calories, but still delicious.  Side-note- if you are trying to tone up or watch what you are eating I highly recommend this app, I love it so much!  It really opened my eyes to what I was eating and it helps you realize that there are calories in everything and even if you are eating healthy foods its not good to overeat them!  This app is so easy to use and since you have it on your phone you can take it everywhere with you and it has most major restaurants already programmed into the search engine so no matter where you are or what you are eating you can track your progress!  Another great feature about the app is that you can actually scan the bar-codes of a foods packaging and it will bring up the item with the serving size and calorie count so you don’t even have to search for it.  This makes it super easy to calculate calories if you are making something at home or if you are eating a quick snack!

IMG_2192 IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2200 IMG_2203

I tried this smoothie first on Saturday and didn’t really use much of the Mango Naked drink and used water instead of the Almond milk and it was just too watery.  I found that 2oz is the perfect amount without adding too many calories.  I thought that it was super flavorful and the almond milk was perfect instead of the water, and you really cant taste it at all.  I am so excited for how delic this turned out and I cant wait to make it again!

xo Meg


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