Romantic dinner for one…

So tonight I just had to make dinner for myself and I was thinking why bother making something for just one person, but then I realized I was starving and needed to figure out something quick before I started to eat all of my daughters snacks! I am so happy I decided to spend the extra 10 minutes of making a real meal instead of snacking and being hungry later.

I had bought a piece of salmon the other day and decided on that. It has been raining like crazy here so grilling is not an option. I decided to bake the salmon at 350 for about 30 mins first I seasoned it with McCormick grill mates for salmon and put it in the oven.

Usually every week I make up a big batch of brown rice or quinua to use throughout the week. It is so much easier to make a bunch of it at once and have it in the fridge, then you can easily toss it in salads, quesadillas, or stir frys. This week was quinua so I just put some on a plate drizzled a little olive oil and cayenne pepper and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.
I for some reason always love having spinach with salmon and I had plenty in the fridge so that was my veggie sautéed with a little salt and pepper.

The dish really didn’t take much time at all and it turned out so delicious the cayenne actually went perfect with the salmon seasoning and gave it just a little kick! I can’t wait to make this combo again!

xo Meg





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