All about the details….

Decorating is something that I really enjoy in my spare time.  I think that the process of decorating is so much fun.  When you move into a new space it allows you to use items that you have had for years in new ways and allows you to create a unique space that shows your personality.  Previously I have chosen items that are very universal and along the same color palette of black and white so that as we moved we could easily transition pieces into different spaces.  Having moved a couple of times in the last few years I was able to save money and reuse items from say the living room and then later used it in my bedroom.  This is the really the first time I was able to have a vision and then create what was in my head through paint colors and new colors and patterns that I haven’t used before.  I am so happy with how everything turned out and so proud of our new space!

In my opinion decorating is a process that can take a while depending on your financial situation you can’t expect to have an idea and then go buy everything you need at one time.  This is why having universal pieces is a great idea for those of you who are just starting out with your first apartment or a new house.  Take your time come up with a concept and then the fun part is shopping around for the perfect pieces.  TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods are three of my favorite places to shop for decorations for a house or apartment.  It may take longer to find what you are looking for as their inventory is constantly changing.  I have found over the years that they are pretty on trend with the pieces that they carry and you can find designer inspired pieces at a much lower cost.

Paint is something that will completely change the look and feel of a room and makes such a huge difference in the way a space looks.  For years I have never been able to paint so when I moved it was so much fun picking out paint colors!  Personally I love DIY projects and could not wait to get started on painting the rooms!  I think that if you have the time it is awesome to put work into your space yourself, you take pride in how it looks and you know that hopefully it will be done how you like it!  Once you have all of your supplies its smooth sailing from there.  I found that the paint and primer in one is the best way to go since I was only covering up beige walls.  In my opinion it is worth the extra couple of bucks to get the higher grade paint from Lowes.  For us it only took one coat and covered perfectly!

Below are some snapshots of my favorite little spots in my house and I think that the small details are the ones that make the biggest difference between a house and a home!

Fresh Flowers always make a house feel warm and welcoming!
Chairs and table- Ikea/ Rug- Target/ Curtains- Marshalls
Finally found a place to display my wedding shoes in our closet!
Vintage mason jars are great for so many different things but flowers are my favorite!
You can never have too many throw pillows! Usually inexpensive and easy to change out depending on the season or your mood! Chevron- TJMaxx Black- Target
Unique tea light and stripped curtains both from Marshalls
More pillows! White- Target/ Silver- Bed Bath and Beyond/ Pink- Marshalls
A white duvet cover can easily fit any theme and can be switched from room to room. Duvet- Target/ Throw- Target
Shabby Chic touches in the Dining Room
I love candles! They are so pretty when lit especially for a special dinner!

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