Homemade Hummus…

Hummus is one of my all time favorite snacks! I love it so much because its relatively healthy and you can eat it with tons of different veggies or pita chips.  I normally just purchase this from the store but I was totally out and really wanting it for a snack so I remembered seeing a recipe on the Food Network for a version that had eggplant in it that looked so good.  I didn’t have any eggplant so I just threw this version together pretty quickly and it really turned out delicious! The actual recipe had a lot more ingredients and is here if you want to take a look at it!

The great thing about hummus is that you can use really any type of bean that you like so it’s giving you protein and healthy fats.  Then you can choose if you want to add in any additional veggies like eggplant or even roasted peppers.  Then whatever flavoring you choose, garlic, or even something spicy.  IMG_6838So the ingredients will vary depending on your personal taste, I really just used what I had at home!


1 Can of Garbanzo beans

1 Lemon Juiced

2-3T Garlic Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Calories: For 1/6 of the recipe is 70 calories and 3.5g of protein

*Directions:  First you want to rinse the beans in cold water and then throw them into a food processor or blender.  Next juice your lemon and add to the beans.  Start to mix the ingredients together and add in your olive oil a tablespoon at a time until it becomes creamy.  Season with salt and pepper or garlic powder if you don’t have flavored oil.  I just tasted it as I went until it was the texture and taste that I liked!IMG_6833Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 2.52.23 PM For the pita chips I took a pita bread that I had in the fridge and broiled it in the oven for a few minutes until it became crispy.  I love this brand because it only has 60 calories for an entire pita compared to 130 calories for about 10 pita chips you would buy at the store in a bag.  I then just cut it into triangles and they were perfect to dip into the hummus.  If you wanted to add extra flavor you could brush the bread with olive oil before you put it in the oven.  IMG_6842 IMG_6840

I also wanted to mention my all time favorite hummus that I generally purchase at the store and love to eat it with baby carrots!  It is a sweet and spicy black bean hummus made by the company Eat Well Enjoy Life.  This stuff is so good I am obsessed with it and it only has about 40 calories per 2 tablespoons which is great!
Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 2.59.20 PMI love this as a snack and it literally only took five minutes to put this together and was so tasty!

xo Meg


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