Fave Breakfast…

Ok so lately I have been trying to eat clean and really watch what I am putting into my body, I have always been aware of food and fitness but kind of ok really got off track when I was pregnant.  So I re-read a couple of my fave fitness books and have been trying to get it together! One of my all time faves is the Eat Clean series by Tosca Reno.  I absolutely love her and her story and how inspiring she is to so many woman of all ages!  I think her message is so simple and how she lays out all of the healthy eating facts in her books just make so much sense!  It really is common sense and just takes a little bit of effort and eating clean can be so easy and manageable no matter how busy your lifestyle.

Essentially the main point is to limit your processed foods and eat vibrant wholesome foods that are actually food and not filled with chemicals!  One of my fave go-to breakfast is the protein pancake.  Now I have tried so many different recipes that I have found on websites and blogs and I have played around with many different ones until I came up with one that just works for me.  I love how they taste and literally have gone weeks where I have eaten them for breakfast everyday! I am lucky because being a stay at home mom I have a little extra time in the morning to whip them up but they really don’t take much time at all once you have a recipe that works for you!  They keep me full for a while and I think they are delicious! The key for me is to not cook them too long I actually prefer if they are a tad runny in the middle, my husband thinks I am a freak but I love them haha!

The Recipe

¼ c Oats (I use Bob’s Redmill)

1 Scoop Vanilla Whey Protein (I use CytoSport From Costco)

3 Egg Whites

¼ c Cottage Cheese (I use 2%)

Cinnamon to taste

Optional add-ins:

-Mini chocolate chips



*To cook I use coconut oil and a flat griddle on the stovetop, I heat the pan up pretty high and then pour the batter on evenly to make as many pancakes as you like I usually get 6 smallish pancakes from one batter and depending on the protein powder and other ingredients you use will end up around 300 calories with a ton of protein and good carbs! After I am done I just use a little bit of vegan butter!

I highly recommend finding a recipe that you enjoy because they are delicious and they keep me full for a long time, I pair these with a cup of coffee and some fresh fruit!

xo Meg







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    1. Thanks so much I love them!! I will definitely have to check your blog out! Thanks for reading!

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