Ahh food where do I start with my love-affair… o yea well my mom is Italian and along with my grandparents make the most delicious food in my humble opinion on the planet.  From homemade sauce, chocolate chip cookies, the best chocolate cake and frosting to homemade hand rolled stuffed shells I could go on and on.  Basically having had no self-control the entire time I was prego I gained 90lbs and have been on a quest ever since March of 2012 to lose the weight.  In my opinion diet is everything, exercise will drastically help but only if you are eating right.

For me personally my body responds to being a Pescitarian, I feel so much better and have lost most of the weight and only have a couple more pounds to go.  My goal is to feel fit and be a good example to my daughter of how to eat a balanced diet and treat yourself on occasion and lead an active lifestyle.  With the food I post will be my rendition of recipes I love and how to make healthier choices and sub ingredients like butter and sugar for a healthier low-cal alternative!



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