Crispy Critters…

So if you can’t already tell I absolutely love Halloween!  I think it is such a fun time of the year where you can have crazy colors and decorations all over your house and enjoy the fall weather!  So I thought I would show you how we made these little crispy critter treats for the hubs!

Rice crispy treats are probably one of his favorite things to eat so I figured we would make a batch and decorate them for Halloween.  This is another great activity to do with your little ones because it is so easy and has minimal ingredients. I did substitute the butter for vegetable oil and they turned out just fine you can’t tell at all! IMG_0948 So what you will need…

  • 6 cups of crispy rice cereal
  • 1 bag of marshmallows, we used the mini
  • 2-3 T vegetable oil
  • festive cookie cutters & sprinkles


First we put the entire bag of mini mallows into a glass microwave safe bowl along with the oil and then followed the directions and heated them while occasionally stirring for 2-3 minutes.IMG_0960 Next we just poured the melted mallows over the crispy cereal and tried to stir it quickly.  IMG_0962 Then I poured them onto a well sprayed baking sheet and pressed them down with a flat spatula. IMG_0963Sprinkles are next, obviously the most fun part of the entire project!
IMG_0965 After they sat and had completely cooled I just took the cookie cutters and cut out the different critter!  We had a bunch of the edges left over so we just snaked on those and are saving the cute ones for daddy!IMG_1020 IMG_1019xo Meg

Date Almond Rolls…

A few months back I had no idea that these tiny treats even existed, and now I eat them all the time!  I randomly stumbled upon them at our local BJ’s wholesale club and figured I would give them a try because they are raw and contain just two ingredients, dates and almonds.  Seriously these things are like miniature candy bars they are sweet but have that crunch from the almonds and are kind of gooey in the middle.  I will eat them mostly by themselves as a little snack two is a serving size and do have a decent amount of calories considering how tiny they are but they are packed with flavor, vitamins, and nutrients.



I just saw an episode of Giada at Home on the Food Network and she made a Banana Walnut Smoothie that looked really good with almond milk, walnuts, and a few other ingredients.  I decided to put my own spin on in and use these little date rolls in place of the walnuts that hers called for.


1c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

1 Banana

1 Almond Date Roll

3/4c Frozen Mango

3/4c Frozen Pineapple

Total Calories: 296 for entire recipe which is great for breakfast or for a snack you could split the recipe into two servings at 148 calories per serving of course this will vary depending on the brands and size of banana.


I definitely noticed a difference with the dates, they added just a little bit of extra sweetness and combined with the banana gave a perfect creamy texture that was delicious!  I will be making this over and over again this summer it’s so good!

xo Meg