Tomatoes & Shrimp…

I know shrimp and quinoa again! I just love this combination and it is so easy to throw dinner together with these two as a starting point!  I had a lot of tomatoes left over this week so I needed a way to use them up and of course I waited until the last minute and was starving!

I got the quinoa going and then defrosted the shrimp and added fresh ground pepper and lemon juice, next i started on the “sauce” I diced up two tomatoes that were on the vine from the grocery store.  I started with a little extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic, then when that was hot i threw in the tomatoes and let them heat up.  When the tomatoes were done cooking I took them out and put them in a bowl then I cooked the shrimp and when they were done cooking in the left over juices I put the tomatoes back in and mixed them together.

The next step was of course baby spinach, I have been obsessed with spinach and it is so good for you so I tend to throw it in everything that I can from smoothies to sandwiches its perfect in everything!

I then added in the quinoa which absorbed the lemon juice from the shrimp and the olive oil.  The last step after I took out my portion was just a little grated parm cheese and 1/4 of an avocado.  I don’t know what possessed me to put avocado on this meal but I’m glad I did because it was delic! It added a creaminess to the dish that I would have traditionally gotten from cheese, but this is a great healthy fix for those cheese addicts like me!

IMG_2265 IMG_2267 IMG_2271 IMG_2275 IMG_2278 IMG_2281 IMG_2283 IMG_2285

I usually never know what I am doing when I start cooking haha but luckily this one turned out great and I couldn’t wait to eat it for lunch the next day!

xo Meg

Pesto Shrimp & Quinoa…

So let me start with how excited my husband and I were to plant a garden as soon as we moved into our new house.  We couldn’t wait to pick fresh veggies with our daughter and thought that it would be so amazing to walk into our back yard and pick a fresh salad! With little to no research we headed out to Lowes to buy a ton of veggies dirt and stone to build our garden and it turned out so great we were so proud.  We used half already started plants and half seeds, everything was doing great and really growing until we had about three weeks of horrible rain and that pretty much killed everything in our garden we were so upset!

Before everything died…
The sickest bug I have ever seen & literally ate all of our tomato plants!

IMG_2022 IMG_2026

All that hard work and aspiration for this amazing organic garden! Pretty much the only thing we have left is our basil plant which seems to be doing great, which leads to this recipe that I came up with determined to cook with something that we grew!

I always keep frozen shrimp on hand because they are super quick and easy to defrost, luckily my husband likes shrimp so its an easy meal for us to make.  You could easily substitute whole grain pasta out for the quinoa and that would be delic! I just happened to have this on hand at the moment.

I browsed online for a couple of pesto recipes and ended up making my own version that I loved and shockingly my husband liked too!  The main difference would be the lemon juice that I added but I love the tangy taste that it gives and made the pesto less thick.  You could use this pesto on anything like chicken, spread on french bread with tomatoes, or just on plain pasta.

IMG_2209 IMG_2212 IMG_2224

Pesto Recipe

1.5 c Basil

1 t Garlic

3 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 c Grated Parm Cheese

1 Lemon (juice only)

Salt & Pepper to taste

*combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until your desired consistency!

After I made the pesto i marinated the shrimp in the mixture for a little and then threw them into a frying pan, we had planned on grilling them but it started pouring so that was a no-go! I had started the quinoa in the beginning of my prep and let it cook until it was done.  When my shrimp were done I threw in about two cups of spinach for some extra veggies, then added in my quinoa and it was all done!

IMG_2225 IMG_2230 IMG_2239 IMG_2241 IMG_2248

This was really a pretty simple meal and not very time consuming, the best part is if you make extra you already have a great lunch packed for the next day!

xo Meg