Coffee Date…

I seriously am obsessed with coffee I drink it everyday!  I have always loved the flavor and coffee ice-cream was my all time fave flavor!!  Now that I am eating a vegan diet I still enjoy my java but just dairy free!

You can still go to your fave coffee spot and order a great coffee but I always look for a dairy-free low-cal option.  At home I use my Keurig and make a medium blend with Truvia and Unsweetened Almond Breeze milk.  At Starbucks my go-to is an iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of soy milk.  When its cooler out I also love a skinny vanilla late with soy milk instead of fat-free milk.

I love trying new coffee spots especially the little ones that aren’t too well-known they usually have the best coffee and a fun unique atmosphere.  Washington had some of the best coffee spots but we have found a few here in NC and they are perfect to meet friends or loved ones to chat and catch up!  Definitely a go-to activity for my mom and I!


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xo Meg

Bag Review…

I just wanted to do a review about a new bag I was so generously gifted for Christmas this year.  It’s the Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote, quite a long name I know!  I have been looking at this purse for a while now going back and forth over the colors and if I would really like it or not.  I have to say that I am in love with this bag! I think that it is beautiful and classic, but also very functional for being a mom with lots of things to carry around for a toddler.  I would never just go out and buy a purse like this so I am so grateful that my parents and hub got it for me!


I was tossed up between this bag and the new Rebecca Minkoff tote bag that is also beautiful but the deciding factor for me was that the Tory came with a cross body strap.  This has made a world of difference for me constantly carrying around my daughter.  Now that she is getting older she doesn’t need as many things like blankets and bottles so I can get away with one bag for the both of us.


The bag is made out of Saffiano leather has a zip pocket and two media holders on the inside.  The cross body strap is removable and also adjustable which is perfect for us shorter gals!  One of the best features of this bag would be the two large zip pockets on the front and back of the bag.  These are perfect for important documents like passports, work papers, and your wallet.  The durability of the leather and the construction of the bag assures me that I will have this for a very long time.  I love that it is a tote, but beautifully holds it shape and doesn’t slouch when its sitting on a table.



I am thrilled with this bag and couldn’t be more excited to add it to my closet!  My mom and Eric purchased this bag from Bloomingdales, it is still on the website and comes in a couple different colors.  If you are interested in checking this bag out I would suggest to wait for a coupon and get on their friends and family list so you can save up to 20%!

If you are interested in seeing what I carry in my bag promise you won’t judge and check out my video below!

xo Meg